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Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park The 'Eternal' Fundraising Tree at Pembroke Lodge - image courtesy of Daniel Hearsum Metallic Garden were approached by Daniel Hearsum and asked to produce one of our Eternal Trees, but with a few minor modifications, to make it a little different. The tree itself has undergone a treatment to create a dark brown patina on the surface. This has given great contrast with the wall and plaques and makes the whole thing pop. Secondly, we designed a series of woodpecker plaques to go with the oak leaves. These have all been engraved in thanks for the generous donations to the Hearsum Collection Charity . The tree is on public display in the entrance hall to Pembroke Lodge and can be viewed before taking tea in the award-winning tearooms. “Having trawled the market for a fundraising tree, I am so pleased that we chose Metallic Garden as they are committed to high quality and customer satisfaction. We are delighted with the fin

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